Saturday, 17 May 2008

Whose stupid idea was this anyway...

Okay, finding a bit of time for blog duties in between a major case of angst over my latest project... and no small amount of prevarication.

So, after three weeks of re-writing the first chapter of my new WIP I'm thinking 'whose stupid idea was it to resurrect this story?'

My reasoning was simple at the time... or maybe just lazy. I had to make a mid-July deadline, I had a great hook already, a story framework all worked out and characters that I loved... Why not go with it, and I might have a hope in hell of getting it done in time because I'd already done the donkey work (so to speak).

But uh-oh, as I've found out over the last few weeks, what the heck do you do when the tone of the story is wrong, the characters are not doing what they're told and you're a pantser who finds it hellish hard to get inspired if you already know what's going to happen. So now I'm having to rethink my characters, my story arc, my motivation and my whole way of working, and everything in between.

And if it's going to take me three weeks to write each chapter it might have been easier to start from scratch. The good news..? Is there any, oh yeah I've finally moved on to chapter two. But guess, what, I'm still not sure chapter one is working. Arrrghhhhh!


Nancy Henderson said...

Nice blog! I'm feeling writing woes as well right now. I have a plot that just won't....plot.

Have a great weekend!

Anna Adams said...


I came over to thank you for commenting on my PHS blog, but here I find you've written exactly what I was feeling--and you've done it more succinctly.

I am sorry for your pain--truly--but you've inspired me to open my own %$^#%#% files!