Thursday, 26 June 2008

PHS photos found in Cyber-space.

So here are some of the photos that were supposed to be on my blog on the Pink Heart Society today but seem to have gotten lost in cyber-limbo. Which was probably something I did as I'm a bit useless at all things technical.

Just a quick runthough. First there's a picture from our motel in Shoshone, just at the entrance to Death Valley. Still scorching in October and with a fabulous hot springs pool to take a dip in and cool off.

Then that's me and Catri on the Monterey waterfront. You can't quite see them but there were a ton of seals on the rock behind us making a right old racket.

That sunset's the one I mentioned over Big Sur.

And last but by no means least, me and Catri quaffing our micro beer on the deck of our Yurt at Treebones Resort. Not often you get to say Yurt, Treebones and Micro all in one sentence, but I managed it.

I also have some news on my current WIP, am reworking the first three chapters after a long chat with my new ed. Had a fabulous breakthrough day on Tuesday (thank you, God) and am now confident I can pull this story off with all the passion, playfulness and emotional fireworks I want. Whether I can do that in four weeks though remains to be seen.

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Ally Blake said...

Loved your PHS post Heidi!!! Got room for one more on your next road trip? Sigh...