Thursday, 10 July 2008

A Rising Star? Moi!

Met up with my fellow Mod Hot author — and RITA nominee — Kelly Hunter at the Globe Theatre bar on London's South Bank as she's making a flying visit to London this week from her home in Oz.

Neither of us remembered to bring our cameras (I am so going to have to remember to take mine to Frisco!) so I've bunged in a piccie of the Globe to give you the general idea. Of course, it looks much nicer in this picture as it wasn't pissing with rain and freezing cold when they took it (what the heck happened to the British Summer anyway? Was last Tuesday it?). We enjoyed a few glasses of Pinot (at an exorbitant cost) and had a very lively chat about writing for Mod Hot, the direction of the line, Paris, London, small towns in Oz, Posh Frocks and the like (Kelly's already got hers sorted and it sounds fab so we didn't stay on that topic too long I can tell you — alright, I admit it, I'm starting to get a complex about this now). Really lovely to meet her and we're looking forward to seeing each other again in Frisco.

Got home to discover two new fabulous reviews for The Tycoon's Personal Assistant on The Pink Heart Society and Cataromance. Oooh, I love the good review days, makes all the angst and agony worthwhile. Here are a few snippets while I blush with pleasure in the background...

Cataromance gave it Four Stars and said:

'Sexy, flirty, feel-good and emotional, Heidi Rice has written another wonderful contemporary romance that is bound to delight her growing legion of fans. Fast-paced, moving and totally compelling, let Heidi Rice sweep you off to a world of passion, glamour and sizzling seduction with her latest Modern Heat, The Tycoon’s Very Personal Assistant!
If you like your romances hot, steamy, intense and absorbing, then pick up a copy of The Tycoon’s Personal Assistant – you certainly will not regret it!' Read the rest.

Mmm, I love that 'growing legion of fans' bit, does that mean it's not just my mum now and my best mate Catri??

And The Pink Heart Society gave it five hearts and said:

'The Tycoon’s Very Personal Assistant is a terrific Modern Heat from one of the imprint’s most-talented writers. Witty, sexy, funny and absolutely unputdownable, The Tycoon’s Very Personal Assistant is another fabulous read from a wonderful writer whose star is rising fast: Heidi Rice!' Read the rest of the review.

One of the imprints most-talented writers?? Rising Star?? Moi! I'm thoroughly chuffed, especially as I know how fantastic all my fellow writers are at Modern Heat.

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