Monday, 13 October 2008

Hot-Shot Tycoon - Indecent Proposal

Ooooh eeee! Book Five has just been accepted and only after a few minor revs. I'm feeling like a proper romance writer today. What a blast! This is what makes all the pain worthwhile. First off I'd like to say a sincere thanks to Colin Farrell for being such an inspiration for this story (well, in looks anyway)... And then to my best mate Catri's friend Eilis in Kildare who read through the ms and made sure Connor, my hero, didn't sound like a reject from The Quiet Man. Good to know that Irish folk don't say bloody hell. My good mate Abby Green confirmed that fact (and came up with a few colourful alternatives, surprise, surprise). You see, you learn something new and valueable every day in this job.

The title is gonna be Hot-Shot Tycoon - Indecent Proposal which I love, in fact I think it's my favourite out of all my titles (even though it doesn't have bad boy in it!). It's due out in June next year in the UK. Also heard that my fourth book, Pleasure, Pregnancy and a Proposition has now got a US release date for March next year. Double Yippee.

Now all I need to do is start working on Book Six, which is gonna be a linked book to Hot-Shot Tycoon. Basically my hero is going to be called Mac Brody, he's a brooding Hollywood star and the estranged brother of Connor and my heroine is Daisy's best mate Juno. Can't wait to start writing their story, only problem, I cannot for the life of me figure out that opening scene. At the moment it seems to be occurring at Heathrow Airport - which is about as glamourous as a supermarket. Oh well, maybe if you bumped into Colin Farrell in dark glasses, battered levis and a scowl on his face at your local Sainsbury's that might glam it up a bit, eh.   


Anonymous said...

Heidi that's brill news on the acceptance! I hate you for having practically no revisions though. And any time you need advice on anything Irish I'll be happy to help, especially if alcohol can be included...!
x Abby

Heidi said...

Cheers Abby. And, yes, I'm sure alcohol could be included...

Heidi the Lush