Thursday, 19 February 2009

Library Talks and Laguna Beach

First off, have to say a great big gushing thank you to the folks at Goodmayes Library in Essex who made me very welcome for my first ever library talk last week.

I think things went exceptionally well. I got asked lots of nice, not-too-difficult questions, rambled on fairly coherently and only made one catastrophic error. When asked where I get my heroes' names from I said: 'Well, it's all about picking a name you think might be a guy you could fancy. For example, I don't think I'd ever find a guy called Nigel sexy.' Needless to say the only guy there blanched. And I had to apologise profusely because his middle name was Nigel. I mean, what were the chances right??? So forgive me again Nigel, who actually turned out to be a real sweetheart. (How wrong can a girl be.)

Have been ploughing on with my current WIP since my brush with fame last Wednesday. Took a little break today to find a house for my hero who's a mega-gorgeous movie star. I did have
 him living in Malibu, but suddenly wondered if that was a bit passe. So after a quick google and lots of salivating, I found his perfect pad. 

Laguna Beach in California.... Oh yeah, baby.

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