Friday, 26 June 2009

Free ebook on it's way....

Got some exciting news from my editor last week which I am now passing on... M&B have decided to make Pleasure, Pregnancy and a Proposition one of their free ebook giveaways on their website. It's gonna be available from 17th July, I think. Interesante? Si!

Also, saw an entry on Amazon US and Borders for the Mills and Boon Christmas Treasury of Romance which has my short story One Enchanted Christmas Evening in it (hot boss, single mum, Christmas ball at a top London hotel, yum, yum, yum) and appears to be out in October. I'm chuffed to bits to be in there with names like Lucy Monroe, Julia James and Liz Fielding. What a thrill!

One I needed at the moment cause I seem to be having a bit of tussle with my present ms. I knew I'd spoken too soon... Darn it.


Rachael Johns said...

Congrats Heidi - I loved that book! At least I think that's the one, unless it's a new one with a similar title :)

And the Christmas anthology sounds fab. Wonder if we'll get it downunder? If not... good old Book Depository will have to get a workout AGAIN!

Heidi said...

Nope, only one book with that title (as far as I know). It's the book that topped the Waldies (which I may have mentioned a few times already???)

Oooh, I hope they sell the Christmas Treasury down under, but if they don't I'm sure you'll be able to download it from the M&B website.

Right, back to wrestling with this flipping ms... Seems every time I get my hero and heroine together they start misbehaving (and not in a good way!)

Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats Heidi!

You whip that hero and heroine into shape ;)

Lorraine said...

Shall keep my eyes peeled for the Christmas collection and expand my ebook collection too - useful when you've run out of bookshelf space!
Sorry to hear your H & h are being difficult, could you threaten them with a horrible disease or something annoying like toothache to get them to behave???

Heidi said...

Will defo need to get my whip out Lacey,

Problem at the moment Lorraine is they're being so boring... Talking loads of back story and not flirting at all, if I threaten them with a terrible disease it might slow them down even more... May have to spray them with some love potion instead... or maybe a spot of dynamite!!