Friday, 4 September 2009

Testing... Amazon Author Central

Okay, so I'm officially in avoidance mode because after four days away in Cornwall (in the lovely little town of Rock), I'm busy messing about with my Author Page on Amazon which I just discovered and have now updated. I hope. There's supposed to be a link to this blog (something to do with RSS Feeds and URLs and Atoms!! At which point I switched off and hoped for the best). So now I'm testing it to see if this blog post pops up.

And just so you don't think you've come into this blog by mistake and ended up on some new technology bender that has nothing to do with romance writing. I have to tell you about a great new idea I had for my next book while watching the very hunky lifeguards at Watergate Bay.

 Yeah, I know, you're all thinking, of course she's going to make her next hero a lifeguard. But would I be that predictable. Actually I'm thinking the heroine might be the lifeguard. And the hero's the one who needs saving... Now all I have to do is finish Leo and Issy's story... The good news on that? I've finally got them to the beautiful city of Florence. the bad news? Well, not a lot actually, Florence is lovely this time of year. And it's really sunny, and, as gorgeous as Cornwall is, I've been a bit sun-deprived this summer... So now I'm feeling thoroughly inspired.

Also, just checked out the Waldies and both me and Nicola Marsh made the cut with our Sept Presents releases two weeks in a row. Woohoo!


Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats on your Walden best seller placing two weeks in a row! So exciting.

I love the sound of the heroine rescuing the hero can't wait to see how that works out.

Sally Clements said...

Hi Heidi

Love that idea of heroine lifeguard, lots of potential for very little clothes and mouth to mouth!

Just don't call him Alessandro... see my latest blog entry at Love and Chocolate.
x Sally