Sunday, 31 January 2010

Valentine's Party on Nic Marsh's blog. Hot heroes invited!!

Time to get your party dress out of mothballs and squeeze into your magic knickers (well, I'll be squeezing anyway after the Christmas that restraint forgot)! My fellow Mod Hot author Nicola Marsh is throwing a Valentine's Party on her blog and some great authors and their seriously hot heroes will be there.

It starts tomorrow on Feb 1st and runs through till Valentine's Day. As well as some fab authors giving up the goss on the guys who inspired their hottest heroes.... They'll be book giveaways galore to add to the party atmosphere.

So don't miss it.

Here's the invites so far:

1st   Kate Hardy (Will she or won't she bring Antonio is the question?)
2nd  Donna Alward
3rd   Anna Campbell (would sooo like to know who inspired the uber sexy Lord Sheene in Untouched)
4th   Paula Roe
5th   Holly Jacobs
6th   Julie Cohen (I'm taking a wild guess and thinking David Tennant may be mentioned!)
7th   Anna Cleary
8th   Robyn Grady
9th   Ally Blake
10th Heidi Rice (that's me folks, fashionably late as always!!)
11th scheduled
12th Lucy King
13th Natalie Anderson
14th Nicola Marsh

There may be a few surprise gatecrashers too, so keep your eyes peeled on Nic's blog!


Caroline Storer said...

....and Nic is giving away books as well! Woohoo. Caroline x

Joanne Coles said...

What a great line up that is, lucky old romance readers :-)

Kimberly Lang said...

will be there too. Fashionably late, of course :-).

But any party with that many good looking guys? I'm so there. Even if I must gatecrash...