Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Media Floozy Goes Large

So I had a high old time yesterday morning with my latest media stint... An appearance on Britain's premiere breakfast TV show, BBC Breakfast, to promote the wonders of Valentine's Day.
The first thrill was getting picked up by a chauffeur-driven car, and driven across London in the early hours to BBC TV Centre. After being whisked into the studios I spent half an hour in hair and make-up!! The lady there was a real pro (complete with the spotlight mirror!) and made me look better than I ever have in my entire life! 
As I sat in the tiny little green room waiting for my slot, I chatted with the PR lady from Mills and Boon and a number of other guests who were also appearing, including an ex Rugby player, a former RAF officer and a lady economist who was busy doing her crossword (I got the clue about lamb curry!!). 
Unfortunately, my original slot at 8.50am got bumped, by a children's TV presenter who's busy canoeing down
the Amazon... Have to say, I was a bit miffed at first, thinking blimey, all she's done is canoe down the Amazon (LOL), and then I started to panic. What if I'd got all dolled up with nowhere to go. I had to desperately text round all my friends and family who I'd gotten up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday on what now looked like false pretenses!

Thank goodness, the slot went ahead at 9.50 in the end and my wonderful new bouffant was not in vain. I was on with an ex-priest who's written a book about friendship and a very media savvy lady who had been on
2000 dates and now has her own dating website. 
Have to say I had a real laugh... Especially when the male presenter asked me the
title of my latest book, then watched his jaw drop as I told him.... Bless.
Spent the whole of the ride back in 'my car' chatting with friends and family about my exciting moment in the spotlight! As soon as I got home though I was brought crashing down to earth, when my youngest ran up, gave me a hug, said yeah I was great... And then asked why there wasn't any milk for his breakfast cereal? Cheeky little....!

So Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Enjoy!!


Caroline Storer said...

Ohh it sounds as if you had a blast - good for you! But I missed your slot! I waited in as long as I could but I had to go out! Will try and catch it on the iPlayer now! Have a good day. Caroline x

Janette Radevski said...

Wow - sounds amazing. Radio and TV in one weekend!

Jackie Ashenden said...

That sounds great, Heidi! Hey, you'll have to put that in a story eh?

Lacey Devlin said...

So much fun! You got to keep the car and makeup artist for day to day business right? :P

Maya said...

Heidi, I happened to turn on the tv just as you came on. I screeched so loud, DH nearly went deaf! I thought you were very eloquent and composed. Very well done! Go M&B authors.

Heidi said...

Caroline - thanks for waiting for me, I was beginning to think I wasn't gonna get on myself. Such a shame they don't put it on iplayer or I would be touting it all over the globe!

Janette - it was amazing, so amazing that my life now feels positively ordinary, can see how people get addicted to this stuff.

Jackie - Yeah, am thinking I could make one of my heroines a TV anchorwoman or something!

Lacey - But of course I'm keeping the make-up artist and chauffeur!

Maya - so cool you saw it. And screeching for me, I'm really chuffed, I thought that was just my mum!