Monday, 24 May 2010

Moments of Escapism... Are you getting yours?

The sun has been shining in London Town this week (and about time too) and I've been busy helping those nice people at Starbucks Discoveries publicise a recent survey they did with 2000 British women. Spent the morning on Friday doing a series of local radio interviews answering questions about the survey (and trying to do a few shameless plugs for Unfinished Business with the Duke) which I enjoyed immensely, because as you all know I'm a bit of a media tart!!

Shocking news is that one in six of us don't even have time for a brief moment of escapism during the day. I'm thinking that doesn't include many romance readers, though, as one thing we've all got in abundance is an ability to have a brief moment of escapism when necessary.... Preferably backed up with lots of hero research.... In fact I've managed to make a career out of my brief moments of escapism!!

Also had a whale of a time meeting up with fellow Presents authors Natalie Rivers and Abby Green in a swanky West End hotel bar for champagne cocktails. Any similarity between us and the Sex and the City ladies was purely intentional!!

All of which has helped immensely taking my mind off what my ed thinks of my latest partial (yes, that would be the one with the ten-page synopsis which had everything in it bar the kitchen sink!!). No news yet about Ruby and Callum's story (have renamed my heroine because son number one told me "Suky" was too ridiculous, even for me... the cheeky little...!). So fingers crossed and double crossed on that one.

In other news my offer to critique a first chapter and synopsis aimed at Harlequin Presents only has a few days left on Brenda Novak's Diabetes Auction. Currently the bidding stands at $60 which is still fairly cheap. If anyone wants to put in a bid, click here. But frankly I'd go have a look around anyway cos there's lots of other great stuff on offer, especially for aspiring writers.


Summer said...

Thanks for the copy of Unfinished Business With The Duke you sent me about a month ago. Gio and Issy were pure escapist pleasure from start to finish, their humor, the teenage flashback chapter, the hot monkey sex, I loved every clever minute.

And for what it's worth, I actually like the name, Suky. It's becoming popular now because of Sookie Stackhouse from the True Blood series.

Jackie Ashenden said...

I'm with Summer, I quite like Suky too. And I bet that $60 will skyrocket just before the auction closes. People are sneaky like that. :-)
Good luck with your partial! I'm sure it'll be great.

Lacey Devlin said...

And Sookie from the Gilmore Girls TV series.

Bring back the Suky! :P

Heidi said...

Cheers summer, so glad you liked Gio and Issy's story

And see, now I'm wishing I hadn't changed my heroine's name (completely forgot about Sookie from True Blood!!). But she's definitely a Ruby in my head now (more lush and gorgeous, and a little less quirky) so I can't change her back again... Will have to bring her back for another book though, now she's had the vote of confidence!

Heidi x

Roanne said...

Oh no! Maybe I shouldn't have read this blog post, as I'm currently reading 'Unfinished Business with the Duke' and have only read the first two chapters... but wow, Gio just sounds hot. Why oh why, have they not invented escapism lit to materialise from the page into real life, is that too much to ask? Anyway, I try to get as much escapism into my life as possible, it keeps it sweet and of course, feel less antagonised when the monthly bills come through. Keep up the good work Heidi!