Monday, 28 June 2010

They think it's all over... It is now!!

Okay, after England's glorious defeat against Germany yesterday afternoon... I mean 4-1!! All right it should have been 4-2 but for the blind linesman, but honestly let's not let it be said that the Lions don't know how to crash out in style!! The worst ever defeat in England's World Cup history. Fabulous... Fabio-lous even..

But the good news is there shall be no World Cup nonsense on this blog from now on... With or without the benefit of visual aids. I am now back on the straight and narrow writing Cal and Ruby's story.

And, with that in mind, wanted to flag up a very interesting discussion on Jackie Ashenden's blog about not forgetting to put those essential little moments of romance into your WIP... Got me to thinking that after two chapters of a flaming argument between my hero and heroine - she's done something rash and impulsive and interfered in his personal life (which he finds unforgiveable) and he's making her pay for it - I've suddenly realised that yes, I do need to lighten the mood. The thing about arguing is, it can ramp up the tension but while it can bring out the worst in your hero and heroine (illustrating some of the issues they are going to have to work out to make their relationship work) it can also bring out the best in them... When you figure out how they are going to find their way out of said argument.

So thanks Jackie for getting me thinking about that!


Jackie Ashenden said...

Wow, Heidi, thanks for the mention!! Yep, I love a good argument but letting them like each other is kind of important huh? But as you say, sometimes getting them to release their anger at each other can be a problem. :-)

Condolences for England. Especially after that very clear goal. :-(

Janette Radevski said...

That Jackie is one sage smart woman! And yep I second Jackie's comments re the goal. Sure lloked like one to me.

joanne pibworth said...

Fabio-lousy more like!

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for sending through my prize book Heidi - I love love loved Issy & Gio's story, it was perfect sunshine reading with a glass of vino in the garden this weekend.



Heidi said...

Jackie, your welcome. Enjoyed your post... As always.

And yes, that was sooo a goal, but while I do feel a bit sorry for poor ole Frank (after all it's taken him for ever to score one in the first place) let's not forget that the German team were a billion times better despite it!

And Joanne, yup Fabio-lousy and Rooney-lousy and... well, I could go on and on. So many louse to choose from really. But so glad you liked Gio and Issy's story!


Lacey Devlin said...

What? No more World Cup visual aids? How do you expect me to want to go on living!!!

NB: We're feeling very dramatic today ;)

Maisey said...

Yep, love those romantic moments! and also O_O <--- that is me after looking at those football pics. WOW. The US lost in high style too, so you're not alone...