Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New Voices is about to close...!

Just a quick reminder to anyone planning to enter the New Voices comp it's about to close, baby, so drop whatever you're doing and go enter... With 737 entries last time I looked it's gonna be one heck of a competition.

I've been dipping in and out of the site and a few of the entries in the Contemporary Romance category really caught my eye, unfortunately I'm in the middle of trying to come up with an idea for my next book (why is it my mind always decides to go totally blank at this point!!) so haven't read nearly as many as I would have liked - or dip into the other categories yet. But if you're in the mood to read something new, go check out the entries, the standard is exceptionally high:

Here's a few of my faves:

Talking Dirty with the Ceo by Jackie Coates... Fresh, funny, witty and with a really catchy clever premise! And it'll give you Ugg Boot envy.

In Too Deep by Lorraine Wilson... Another wonderfully witty entry, and any book which opens with the hero stark naked in a shower always gets my attention. LOL

Sequins and Secrets by Joanne Pibworth... Wow, the opening to this one is Hot, Hot, Hot and had me fanning myself, big time. Edgy, erotic and super-sexy.

One Rogue, One Damsel by Rachael Johns...A couple with conflict to spare here and a very glamorous premise, plus the hero is a total hunk!

Passion in Paradise by Gabrielle Wright... The hero in this one is to die for. Smouldering bad boys get me every time!

Why not drop in here and tell me any that have caught your eye.

Best of luck to everyone who entered. Getting your work out there is a huge step. Well done!


Rachael Johns said...

OMG thanks so much for this!! The face you liked my chap as made my day. Now I can go off to work teaching and dream that one day, I'll be able to write all day :)
Good luck sorting out a new idea - I have every faith you'll come up with a cracker!!!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Thanks from me too, Heidi! Awesome of you to put our chapters up on your blog.
Good luck with the new book idea. I reckon you'll come up with something fantastic!

Lacey Devlin said...

All fabulous entries! It's so great to be able to read everyone's writing. Occasionally I've come across a comment from a M&B author (ahem Heidi Rice!) which gives you a thrill. I hadn't expected the authors to be on there :).

Gabrielle's entry snuck by me but I'm off to remedy that :)

Elissa Graham said...

I agree all the entries you mentioned are fantastic. Another that I thought was a stand-out and that I loved reading was Jo Dixon's Gossip, Secrets and Lies.

joanne pibworth said...
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joanne pibworth said...

Posted twice due to shocking spelling errors! :Oo

Thank you so much Heidi!
I am thrilled that you liked it. Thanks also for your comment on the NV site, it's really got the cogs whirring.

As for entries I especially enjoyed - I adore the lovely Lacey's entry. She's snuck in on the last day with a cracker!
Also my lovely fellow minxy girls Suzanne Jones, Joanne Cleary, Romy Sommers & Sri Pammi.


Heidi said...

Your welcome Joanne, I loved the risks you took with your heroine (and hero) and that super-sexy opening scene... Think they totally paid off.

And thanks for the tip re: your minxy sisters and Lacey's entry, will definitely try to check them out in the next couple of days! Am supposed to be hearing from my ed this week on Cal and Ruby's story but with a staggering 824 entries, I suspect she may be a little busy... So more time to read for me, yippee!

Heidi said...

Oops, ok, I did do a reply to everyone else, but Blogger has mysteriously decided to delete it on my behalf!!

So here it is again...

Jackie and Rachael you are totally welcome too, enjoyed your entries immensely. Lacey am going to check out yours now after the heads up from Joanne. And Elissa, thanks so much for the tip on Jo Dixon's entry, must have a look at that too. Sounds intriguing.

Lorraine said...

Thanks Heidi, that has definitely cheered me up :-)
Um, can only echo the others here - Lacey's, Jo Dixon's and the rest of the Minxes (but of course ;-)

Cara Cooper said...

Well done all you guys. The NV comp has been really good fun. Makes you wonder what on earth you did before the site was there to see doesn't it? Have fun with all the judging Heidi.

Heidi said...

Cheers Lorraine! Have just red Lacey's entry and you're right it's an absolute corker.

I'm starting to really pity the judges cos they are going to have such a tough time picking favourites from so many great entries...

And thanks for the vote of confidence Cara, but I have nothing whatsoever to do with the judging... I'll be popping up with my little mentor hat on once they've already whittled the 824 down to ten!! And right about now I can say I envy them that task!

Lacey Devlin said...

Wow I have my own Heidi Rice comment! It's as valuable as gold dust to me :) Thanks so much Heidi I really appreciate it!