Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Belated Merry Christmas...

Hi all

Just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas to all my favourite peeps!! Oh all right then, I'm several days late, I blame too much feasting and making merry, but that's always a very good excuse in my book.

Anyway, I come bearing tidings of great joy. Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger is sold out on the M&B site in the UK and has a brand new cover on the Oz site for it's release there as a Sexy in January.

Now as you all know I'm mighty partial to my stubbled hunk of a guy on the UK cover (as are a few other people I'm sure), but the old-style clinch cover in Oz is also mighty pretty. Of course the book is set in October and Christmas in North Cornwall, so if Rye and Maddy had really stripped off to have a clinch in the surf they probably would have died of hypothermia, but who cares for literary accuracy in a cover when the result is so pleasing on the eye? I certainly ain't complaining.

BTW, had a lovely drink with my Modern Heat mate Kim Lang, who battled her way over to the UK from Alabama and despite snow, freezing temperatures and many, many travel nightmares managed to raise a glass with me in Piccadilly. We had a good old gossip and both agreed that we're very excited about the launch of RIVA in January in the UK. Kim's book The Girls Guide to Flirting with Danger (which sounds like another cracker from the phenomenal Ms Lang) is one of the launch books, so will be buying that as a New Year pressie for myself. Here's the pictorial evidence to prove that this time I not only took my camera, I even got it out of the bag and used it... How cool is that!!

Anyway, in case I'm too busy feasting and making merry again and I don't pop back beforehand... Hope you all have a very happy - and for any aspiring authors out there - very publishable 2011!

And I'm including a lovely Christmassy picture of my road (avec beaucoup de neige!!) to get us all in the mood for January!! During which I have to write virtually a whole book in four weeks... Arghhh!


Sally Clements said...

You can do it, Heidi! And looking forward to reading it. Have a lovely New Year.

joanne pibworth said...

4 weeks?? Blimey! Good Luck!

Am v mad at myself for somehow failing to order your latest before it sold out - bum!
Snow looks cool. Or should I say freezing? lol!

Happy 2011, good luck with the wip.


Lacey Devlin said...

Pretty road :)

Happy belated Christmas to you too! I hope you have a fabulous 2011!

Heidi Rice said...

Happy New Year back at you guys...

And Joanne, you can always buy it on Amazon! Hint, hint!!

Will keep you posted on the blog about how the book writing is going, but as I've never completed one in less than six months I'm thinking this may be Mission Impossible!

Roanne said...

Hi Heidi,

Hope you had a great Christmas and hope you're looking forward to the New Year as much as I am. Definitely working on the writing, so hopefully get published and if not, I can always say, I was disciplined enough to write.

Congrats on the sold out edition of your new novel. Rye is definitely a stubborn hunk, I'd like to swagger an argument with but definitely looking forward to your new projects, best of luck with that!

Take care,
Roanne x

Lorraine said...

A belated Happy Christmas and a Happy New year to you too Heidi xx

Jackie Ashenden said...

Happy Chrissy, Heidi! Much belated from me but I've been internet-less for 10 days. Loved SSSS btw. Another awesome read and a tres sexy hero. I'm hoping for a contract this year but even saying that means I've probably jinxed it now. :-) So I'm settling for just enjoying my writing more this year. God knows, someone's got to! :-)

Kimberly Lang said...

Yay! A picture! And we look cute. I was pretty wiped by then, only I didn't fully realize it until I actually had a good night's sleep not on an airport floor... Hope I didn't babble incoherently at any point! Great to see you, even if it was insanely cold. Let's just say I'm glad to be back in Alabama where the temps are well above freezing. But I guess I could give SSSS a read to warm me up, right? ~grin~