Saturday, 15 January 2011

Exciting news.. And shopping!

So, I was being all authorly yesterday and popped off down to Selfridges (landmark Department Store in London's West End in case you don't know!) to give some workshops on How to Write a Mills and Boon (not that I'm an expert on that at the moment... Hello, chapter one for the five-thousanth time!) to a couple of very nice journalist ladies from two national newspapers. Selfridges are doing a pop-up shop in the store at the moment so we got to sip tea from china cups, eat amazing cupcakes (cue copious plugs for Cupcakes and Killer Heels out in May) and talk alpha heroes and sassy heroines against a backdrop of amazing vintage covers from M&B's one hundred plus year history and a bookshelf full of new Riva titles - which looked amazing BTW. Frankly my favourite pastime. (Oh and if you were wondering about that picture, no I'm not eight months pregnant, I just had rather too much joie de vive over Christmas!)

Anyway, so what's the exciting news? Well, I'll be doing workshops for customers as Selfridges' Writer in Residence over Valentine's week, so if you happen to be looking to do some retail therapy in London at that time, and want to pop in and talk hunky heroes with me (and get some hot tips on how to become a USA Today best-selling author for M&B), do join me. I'll put details of days and times nearer the time (when I know them).

BTW, I picked up a copy of Kim Lang's January Riva The Girls Guide to Flirting with Danger while I was there, so that has just popped to the top of my TBR pile... Am hoping it will inspire me! And if not at least I know it'll be a delicious distraction.


Sharon Kendrick said...

Heidi - this sounds like the gig to end all gigs....
No need to say something like "have a wonderful time".
You will!


Jackie Ashenden said...

Oooh, I'd love to be there! Sadly due the distance of 100000s of ks, I won't be. Hope you have a fab time doing it though. :-)
And you mean we have till wait till May for the next Heidi??? Noooooo.....

Kimberly Lang said...

Don't you look fabulous!

And look at all those copies of the Riva books!

Sounds really cool and I wish I could join you for some of those cupcakes... not that I really need to be eating cupcakes!

Hope you enjoy the book!

Lacey Devlin said...

What fun! I just love the title of your next release! Can't wait :)

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Love the pic and I so agree with Kimnberly, you look fabulous!

Romy said...

I've just finished Kimberly Lang's Riva book and it's fun, fun fun - a must read!

redwriter said...

Hi Heidi, just read sea, surf and a sexy stranger and loved it :) Been a long, long time since I squeezed a book into a day because I couldn't put it down. The conflict was an absolute lightbulb moment.

Thrilled to hear you are doing something at Selfridges and hope to be able to come along and get some writing tips :)


kiru.taye said...

Brilliant news. I hope i can come along for some useful tips. BTW, you look lovely.

Heidi Rice said...

Shazza - had a feeling you'd appreciate the beauty of this particular gig... Only problem for me is that the darn pop-up shop is dangerously close to the Food Hall!

Jackie - yeah, it is a bit of a wait isn't it! I'll have to write faster next time (well, after this time that is, cos I ain't exactly clipping along with my current WIP!)

Ah Kim, noone needs to eating cupcakes, least of all me, but they are so damn irresistible, but like your book!

Lacey, I know, I love it too!! Best title yet IMHO. You'll have to decide about the story.

Aw Marilyn, thanks, not that I was fishing for a compliment or anything, but they never go amiss right.

Romy, don't tell me that, I'm trying not to dive into it until I've finally got past chapter three on my current pineapple. Kim's book is gonna be my reward.

Jane, so thrilled you enjoyed Sexy Stranger, if you can make it to Selfridges you'll have to tell me about your lightbulb moment, I can always use some of those.

And Kiru Taye, do come, it's gonna be a hoot I'm sure. I'll stick dates on my blog when I know what they are.