Monday, 21 February 2011

The manuscript has left the building... And a special thanks to Ms Katy Perry!

Muchas celebrations here in North London after I pinged off my latest manuscript to my wonderful editor (notice the sucking up, for added good karma) on Saturday... Only a day late! Yippee! Of course it may soon come winging back to me with a 20 page revision letter attached, but I'm not letting the prospect dampen my spirit, or my wine intake tonight!

As the ms is out the way (for now) I have spent some quality time updating my website with a brand new Books page, which lists all my books in order of publication (for all those readers who are as anal as me and like to know this sort of thing!). I've also added a sneak peek of Cupcakes and Killer Heels which is due out in the UK and Ireland in May. Check it out and let me know what you think? Wanna read more? I certainly hope so.

Unfortunately I've been told the release of Cupcakes in the US (which is a linked book to Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger - as it's Maddy's brother Cal's story) will be delayed until 2012 as my next book in the US will have to be the one I've just sent in. See, the new ms is all about a scorchingly hot winter fling in London at the height of the festive season (complete with shopping at Selfridges, where else!) so needs to go out in the Christmas period in both the US and the UK... Now why didn't I think of this before I started writing it!! Doh!

Amazingly, I already have a new idea cued up and raring to go as it's a linked story to Cupcakes (and Sexy Stranger)... While writing Cupcakes I discovered that my heroine Ruby Delisantro had a very interesting brother. Nick Delisantro is a North London bad boy turned Hollywood scriptwriter living in San Francisco. He and his sister Ruby have been estranged since he ran away from home at age 16. As it turns out he's had a very dark and tortuous journey to Hollywood success which means he's of particular interest to a bookish ancestral geneologist called Eva Cooper - a woman who knows everything there is to know about long-dead people but very little about living men. Eva specialises in tracing the long-lost heirs to European estates and is about to uncover the secrets of Nick's past... What she doesn't know is that she has some pretty hot revelations of a more personal kind in her own future when she makes the mistake of tangling with Nick - who's sexy, surly, has a killer instinct for seduction and doesn't take too kindly to women who want to know more about him than he's willing to reveal.

Nick btw has been inspired by the rather tempting guy from Katy Perry's Teenage Dreams video. Don't have a clue who he is, but he's got just the right quality of sex, smoulder, surliness and shock value! And Katy certainly looked like she was enjoying herself!

Can't wait to get writing this one, and after the tortures I had with kick-starting my last story I'm hopeful it won't be as hard... ie no re-writing the first three chapters twenty times. But don't quote me on that!


Jackie Ashenden said...

First three chapters 20 times? That sounds familiar! :-) Hey, congrats on the ms that has gone and woohoo on the new one! Am loving the sound of it, Heidi. Bad boys...phew...*fans self*

Heidi Rice said...

Cheers, Jackie, yes great writers revise alike right... Or should that be over-revise alike.

Glad you like the sound of Nick, let's hope he's not the death of me!

Gems said...

Good choice of male inspiration, he is Josh Kloss :)

Heidi Rice said...

Oooh, thanks Gems. May have to pinch his first name too, Josh is very Riva methinks (although not for this story or he may sue!)

Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats Heidi! Fingers crossed for no revisions!

Joanne Coles said...

New story sounds fab. I'm currently reading SS&SS, wonderful set up :-)

Hope your new book flies off your fingers!