Monday, 21 March 2011

Cupcake Winners Announced

Hey all

So the Cupcakes comp is now closed. I nabbed my youngest son to pick the winners out of his favourite hat... And as usual he got a bit carried away and picked out FOUR!! So no cupcakes for him then!

Anyway, here are the four names picked out of the hat in the order they came out (here's hoping none of you live in Outer Mongolia or the postage is gonna kill me!):

Biraj Trivedi

Ann Murphy

Desere Steenberg

Wendy S Marcus

Just email me your snail mail addresses and I'll post off your signed copy of Cupcakes and Killer Heels this morning. Comisserations to everyone else. But don't worry, you can always buy a copy!! Hint, hint. It'll be available on the M&B website in the UK on April 1st and is hitting Amazon (and UK and Irish book shop shelves) in May... So not long to wait now at all.

Am busy getting stuck into my next book, which is a linked book to Cupcakes, and involves a maverick North London bad boy turned Hollywood scriptwriter called Nick Delisantro (Ruby's brother, who is mentioned in Cupcakes but doesn't appear) and a bookish ancestral geneologist from West London called Eva Redmond. Studious and conscientious  Eva is about to discover her wild side when she is sent to San Francisco (where Nick lives) to tell Nick he's the illegitimate heir to a fortune in Italian real estate but can't quite get the words out when she engineers a meeting with him at an upscale SF art gallery opening and he immediately starts flirting with her, inviting her for a ride on his motorbike. She's never been on a motorbike before in her life and has never flirted with a guy before, either, and especially not a guy as hot as Nick. Uh-oh!

Having a great deal of fun so far, which is probably famous last words but I live in hope this one is not nearly as much of a pineapple as the last one (but I always say that don't I).


desere_steenberg said...

This is awesome thank you so much Heidi !!!!!

Áine said...

I think I'm a little over excited. Was all geared up to buy this next week. Now I have a date with some bubblebath and a fantastic hero next Sunday. Thank you so much. Ann

Wendy S. Marcus said...

Hi Heidi!
Don't know where my first comment went so I'll try again. (Hope it doesn't post twice!)

I'm thrilled to be a winner in your contest. I can't wait to read your book. I e-mailed you my addy.

And your son deserves 2 cupcakes for picking me!)

Thanks so much!

Biraj said...

When I saw your email this afternoon, I was like "Yaaay!!!"

Thanx so much! [I'll also add a thank you to your son! :) ] I'm so looking forward to the book! :)

Heidi Rice said...

Hey guys, you're all very welcome...

Posted off your books this afternoon and impressed my local post office counter staff with how amazingly cosmopolitan I am!

Lacey Devlin said...

I'm so excited that Nick's going to have a book!

Congrats to all the winners!

Sally Clements said...

Love the sound of the new one, Heidi! I'm working on a riva attempt at the mo, but finding it difficult to know if it 'feels riva' or not... darn moving the goalposts!

Heidi Rice said...

Hey Lacey and Sally, glad you like the sound of Nick and Eva's story... AFter a roaring start I seemed to have hit a wall in chapter three, so nothing new there then.

Best of luck with your Riva attempt Sally. I'd say the Riva feel is all about voice, the sassier the better so don't hold back.

Roanne said...

Whoohoo, looks like I won't have to wait till December after all. Oh the joys! Cannot wait!

Komal Mansoor said...

Hello Heidi,
I heard abt ur books for the first time and the cover of Cupcakes is too tempting...being a lover of romance, would love to read it.
I am a book reviewer n have my blog on which I would love to do ur interview and if u want me to review ur book, plz send me a copy of cupcakes...I live in UK..n can be emailed here:

Looking forward to hosting ur interview n book review on my blog!