Saturday, 30 April 2011

My Little Tribute to London's Big Day

Have to admit I'm not big on flag-waving or patriotism or most of the things that go with celebrating royalty in this neck of the woods, but the romance-arama of yesterday's Royal Wedding was kind of hard to avoid if you're a Londoner — and a hopeless romantic like moi. And I did get a free day off, which is never a bad thing IMHO, especially if you have a book to finish by the end of May and you've still struggling through chapter six (eek!!).

That said my oldest son did manage to prise me away from my ms (not nearly as hard as it should have been) insisting that I watch some of the ceremony because it was 'history'... And have to admit I ended up enjoying it more than he did... Teenagers after all have remarkably short attention spans when it comes to pomp and circumstance.

Things I particularly liked:

My home town looking pretty magnificent with the green trees and regency splendour nicely offset with views of the Millennium Wheel and the city's modern heart.

Historian Simon Schama on the BBC valiantly trying to give all the hoopla a bit of historical context.

The jets flying over my house in formation... Very impressive!

William's eyeroll to Kate in the Abbey, nicely documented here.

And last but not least the cool bit of graffiti I discovered yesterday while cycling to the gym which I have used to illustrate my post. Marmite indeed!!

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Lacey Devlin said...

LOL I love the eyeroll. I just wish I knew what Kate had said!