Saturday, 16 April 2011

Vote for Me This Weekend, Cos I Wanna Win!!

Ok, so my book Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger is up for the coveted title of Book of the Week on the Long and Short Reviews Blog and I want you to go vote for it. And I think you have to do it this weekend... Because I really want to win. Why? Well there are two main reasons.

The First Reason is that they gave the book a magnificent 'Five Book' review last week... So surely it deserves a vote or two.

Here's some of the highlights from that review to prove my point:

'This story defines what I look for in a romance book and Ms. Rice delivers.'

'Maddy is the heroine and she’s such a warm and wonderful person it was a pleasure watching her deal with the cranky dude she saved from drowning.'

'Rye is a deliciously complicated man with a few defensive layers just begging to be unraveled. He’s rich, he’s commanding and boy, does he ever know his way around a woman’s body. There were quite a few times I really wished I was Maddy when he does what he does to her, more than once.'

'This story is chock full of clever writing and great descriptions. I don’t know how to express the extreme satisfaction that I got while reading this story.'

'Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger is a very emotional book despite the very cheery title. This book hit all my happy buttons and is the kind of book I would have no problem telling all my friends to read. There is so much to like and enjoy throughout the entire story, it’s actually hard to pick just one scene or moment that was better than another. They all contributed to my maximum enjoyment and I look forward to reading other books from Ms. Rice. If her sense of humor and interpretation of life’s quirky moments are typical for her style of writing then the author has found herself a new fan.'

Okay, enough with the quotes, you can read the whole wonderful review here, but you get the drift. They loved my book and my head is now so enormous I need a crane to keep it from lolling onto my computer.

But now here's the Second Reason:

I've been nominated for some pretty terrific prizes in my time (ooh goody, another opportunity to mention my RITA nomination in 2008!!) but the only thing I've ever won was a treasure hunt at a Wiltshire Country Fair in the 1970s and all I got was 50p. And folks, even in the inflation-proof 70s, 50p was a pretty crap prize. Somehow I had convinced myself I was going to win a new Chopper bike after they announced my name over the tannoy and as I raced across the fairground, dodging coconut shies and swinging boats with my brother. But when I got to the organisers tent and breathlessly announced who I was, the gruff carny counting up the days' takings tossed me a 50p coin and told me to get lost. Is anyone sobbing yet??

So you see, you have to vote for me, so I can finally prove to myself (and my brother) that that damn 50p isn't going to be the only thing I ever win!

Here's where to vote, if you loved the review (or even if you've just taken pity on my sad little sob story!)

Thanks Heidi x

PS: And I never did get that coveted chopper bike... I'm just saying!!


Abby Green said...

Right just voted, where's my tenner?

Lacey Devlin said...

I voted too =)

Rachael Johns said...

Off to vote RIGHT away! I cannot believe your writing hasn't won an award yet. That is JUST. NOT. RIGHT!!!

Jackie Ashenden said...

I voted as well!! Crossing fingers for you!

Heidi Rice said...

A tenner?? I'll have you know I don't pay for votes, missus,I have my standards. I only shamelessly beg for them on my blog!!

Thanks for taking the time to vote guys... Am now holding my breath.

And Rach, I'm not surprised in the least, there's so many terrific writers out there it's very hard to win an award these days. Plus as we all know with entering comps it's always a bit of a turkey shoot. Last year in my RITA scores I got a 2 and a 9 for the same book!! But hey, at least I got a reaction, right.

Biraj said...

Done! Good luck for it! :)
[BTW, Enjoyed my weekend with Ruby & Callum.. & just got back to real life. :P ]

Cara Cooper said...

Hi Heidi

I voted over the weekend, but only just now have time to post a comment here. I read the book, it was great. You deserve to win. Fingers crossed!

Heidi Rice said...

Hey Biraj, so glad you enjoyed Ruby and Cal!

And Cara, thanks... Doesn't look like I'm gonna win though, apparently I'm running fourth... And even after I cheated so beautifully. Darn!

Gems said...

Ah shame you didn't win, I think the winner cheated as well but actually did pay her voters that tenner Abby was asking for.