Thursday, 10 November 2011

Me and Lucy Monroe

I'm on Modern author Lucy Monroe's blog today doing her Guest Author Interview. Love her books - so sexy and sensual and intensely dramatic - so it's a real treat for me to be talking to her about the inspiration etc behind On the First Night of Christmas. And just in case you want any added incentive, there's a Humpday Hottie to enjoy right under my post... I'm just saying!

I'm off to Paris later today on the Eurostar where my mum is celebrating her 75th birthday on Saturday with all her kids and grandkids... That means 17 of us (ranging in age from 4 to 75) chowing down on coq au vin and profiteroles (and probably far too much wine) at a Brasserie near the Gare du Nord. So if anyone else here is likely to be in Paris this weekend and hears a massive commotion, that'll just be the Rice clan misbehaving as usual.

Am thinking I definitely need to set another book in the City of Light, and I love it best at this time of year. I always think cities come into their own in the autumn months.

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