Thursday, 3 November 2011

New Voices... The Final Reckoning Approaches

Had a super busy time last weekend which involved tea at the Ritz, the AMBA lunch at Charing Cross and drinks with the editors by the Embankment... Not to mention my annual family Halloween party on Saturday night which I shall blog about soon once I've got my photos downloaded.

But am just jumping in now to tell everyone not to forget to vote for their favourite New Voice before 5pm today. I read them all, was blown away by the fabulousness of the writing and after much deliberation opted for Honeymoon with a Stranger... There's just something about Charlotte Phillips's gorgeous ex-rugby player hero, her feisty heroine, and that sassy funny voice that swung it for me. Plus her pivotal moment's a doozy!

But what about you? Who did you vote for? And why? Would love to know.

Also watch this space.. Am currently fiddling about with my new website before it goes live... And there will be a chance to win two more copies of On the First Night of Christmas... Which is now on shelves in the UK and will be hitting shelves in the US at the end of the month! Woohoo!!


Caroline said...

I thought they were all FAB! I've voted for the Historical one - it grabbed me from the start. Caroline x

Charlotte Phillips said...

I'm so delighted that I got your vote, Heidi. Thank you!! It's been a brilliant experience and all 21 finalists were of such a high standard that frankly I was gobsmacked to go through. No small thanks to Liz Fielding of course, who was beyond patient and didn't even mind my emails while she was on a weekend away! Whatever the outcome I have learned masses to take forward with me.

Lacey Devlin said...

I love your site's new look, Heidi!

I can't believe that NV is almost over. At least we'll have SYTYCW to console ourselves ;-)

The Top Four are all fabulous entries. It's so hard to pick a winner. I can't wait to see who it is.

Heidi Rice said...

Hi Caroline, yes I liked the historical one too, it's so hard to choose isn't it?

Charlotte, you are so welcome. I loved your entry, just the right mix of witty and sexy, that wonderful touch of tenderness between them in the pivotal moment and your voice is fabulous. I expect to see this book in print, whether you win today or not. And just so you know, the lovely Liz Fielding was singing your praises at the editors drinks we had last week, on what a professional job you'd done with her revision suggestions, so I'm certainly not your only fan.

And Lacey, I'm holding my breath, shall be watching the site at high noon today. Am hoping they'll be another New Voices next year and they'll ask me to get involved again as I've really enjoyed it this year.