Friday, 18 November 2011

Party Time!

So I got my posh frock on last night and jumped on the bus to the West End en route to the RNA Winter Party.

Despite getting slightly lost (got off the bus on Piccadilly and somehow ended up at Buckingham Palace!) I finally located Birdcage Walk and the stately Library of the Imeche where all the fun was happening... Good thing I didn't put my hooker boots on til I got there as I had to yomp all the way round St James's Park in the dark. Am thinking I may have to turn this experience into a scene for a book, though, as the phenomenal Georgian architecture on display during my impromptu tour of the area was really quite sensational.

As usual I didn't do a lot of networking, mostly just had a good gossip with Fiona Harper, Natalie Rivers, Sharon Kendrick and the lovely M&B eds who were present. Also had a great fangirl moment when I was introduced to Kate Lace, whose books I highly recommend. Haven't got her latest yet, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, so will be downloading it asap.

Then Katie Fforde did the big announcement of the night... The unveiling of the new RNA logo, which, as luck would have it, matched my dress beautifully so I got asked to pose for some photos.

Much wine and wittering later and I slipped my hooker boots back in the bag and headed home... On the tube this time, as I'd decided I'd admired more than enough phenomenally Georgian architecture for one night.


Lacey Devlin said...

Ha ha! I LOVE that the new RNA logo matched your dress :-) What are the chances? I'm glad you had a great time (and bought another pair of shoes - I cringe thinking about the blisters you could have had).

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