Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bring me Sunshine!

So I've been given a Sunshine Award by the absolutely fabulous Sharon Kendrick... What does it all mean, I hear you asking. Well, it's my chance to spread a little sunshine by talking about some of my favourite things... (Oooh, I feel a Julie Andrews song coming on!)

So here goes, in no particular order.

Navajo Frybread in Monument Valley, Silver Dollar pancakes by the Shenandoah River, the morning dew in Wiltshire, a cold frosty day in North London, the open road, my youngest son when I wake him on a school day (not just for payback purposes, but because he looks just like my baby boy again when he's fast asleep), Breaking Bad, being naughty with Ms Abby Green at the RWA conference (I take no responsibility for the kilt incident btw!), bad boys, Mad Men, old soul music, new story ideas, dancing the night away with my favourite peeps, giving both my boys a cuddle, reading books that make me say "Damn, I wish I could write like that", the Marfa ghost lights, home-made margaritas with my best mate in her orchard in Kildare, writing epilogues (always the best part of writing for me, all gain, no pain!), feeling fabulous in my posh frock, Christmas morning and evening and everything in between (even the potato peeling) with my huge extended family and last but by no means least my gorgeous husband (who always makes me smile!)

Actually, those are just a few of my favourite things.... But it's time to shut up now, Julie! And pass the buck... I mean, the Sunshine Award, to my dear mate (and partner in naughtiness) Ms Abby Green.

Take it away, Abby...!

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