Friday, 13 April 2012

Nate & Tess and Lucky7meme

Phwoar...! So have I got your attention? Good, because, as you may know I am a professional writer and I do not print nudie pictures of delicious men without proper cause. So here's the excuse... Er-hem, I mean, the perfectly appropriate and scrupulously professional reason.

Firstly, that gorgeous hunk is my hero Nate, from Nate and Tess's story, which I just had accepted, and which *Drum Roll Please* now has a title.

One Night, So Pregnant!

That catchy title pretty much sums up the plot! But just to tweak your interest a little more.
  • Tess Tremaine is a British event planner living in San Francisco who, after getting dumped by her boyfriend, had a torrid closet encounter with sexy stranger Nate Graystone. She ran out on him and she hasn't seen him since — but six weeks later she's sitting in the reception area of his company headquarters with news that has left her reeling, and is about to come as one hell of a shock to him too!
I will be posting a sneak peak on my website shortly (with more delicious pics!) when I have a release date. At the moment the story is scheduled for November 2012 in the UK but as visitors to M&B's site may know, Riva is currently undergoing a makeover so you'll have to stay posted for a confirmation.

In the meantime, I also got tagged a few days ago by the lovely Ally Blake in the Lucky7eme on Twitter. At the time I did not have a clue what it was (Duh!) but after a visit to Jackie Ashenden's blog (which I like to pop into regularly cos she has loads of cool insights and advice for those of us who have chosen to pursue this insane profession) I discovered that it means you're supposed to go to page 77 of your current ms find line 7 and then print the next 7 lines. Well unfortunately Zane and Iona's story (which is my current ms) is still in its infancy (nowhere near page 77 yet, more's the pity!) so I turned to Nate and Tess's story.

Then hit another snag, because page 77 is at the end of a chapter and there were only 5 lines.... Cripes, this is getting to be a bit of a saga. So in the interests of full disclosure, here are the first 7 (or so) lines from page 78. Confused? Hopefully not for long.

As the jeep ate up the miles along Highway One the next afternoon, Nate squinted at the bug-cemetery on his windshield, his eyes gritty with lack of sleep. He’d woken up three times in the night, rigid with desire, after the sort of lurid dreams that hadn’t troubled him since puberty. And Tess Tremaine’s soft, supple, fragrant body, the heavy weight of her breasts and the tight, wet clasp of her fisting around him had been the star attraction in every one.
He tapped his thumb on the steering wheel as the rush of heat hit his groin. Shifting in his seat, he stamped on the accelerator and cruised around another tight bend, the road hugging the rusty red earth of the cliffs. The ugly swear word whisked away on the wind.

See, what did I tell you, perfectly appropriate and scrupulously professional reason! And because it's Friday and I'm generous like this, to finish I have another hawt pic of Nate, which was the inspiration for a certain very sexy pool encounter later in the book! 

Enjoy your weekend....


RLA said...

Oooh, I can't wait to read this one, love the fun title as well.


Desere said...

Congrats Heidi ! I adore the title it is just so you !


Heidi Rice said...

So glad you ladies like the sound of the story (and the title)... I kinda like it too. Think it's fun and flirty and also bang on.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Oh, thanks so much for the shout-out, Heidi. You are such a star.
And I luuuurve that excerpt!!

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Ooooh ... Nate+pool ... hope we don't have to wait too long for this one, Heidi!

Now tell me, how come I've not noticed this devilishly attractive fellow before now? What's his real life name and is he on Twitter?*stalk* *drool*

Heidi Rice said...

Coolio Jackie and you're welcome for the shout-out always enjoy dipping into your blog....

And Rachel, like I'd tell you if I knew his 'real' name..! I'd be way too busy door-stepping him myself!

Teresa F Morgan said...

Sorry... I couldn't get past that photo :-P

Sounds fabulously hot!