Friday, 10 August 2012

The Riva Re-Launch Covers!

So have finally gotten ahold of my sample cover for the Riva Re-Launch which will be coming to a WH Smith's store near you in October (if you live in the UK that is!)

Tell me what you think? I like the fun, flirtatious style. It's a daring departure from the Series look of other Mills and Boon books but I think these new covers are going to stand out a mile on the M&B rack. I think it's a bit of a shame that this is a previously released book, but as the intention with these sample titles is to see if they can attract new readers to the brand, it makes sense. And in the 15 books on offer online and in stores there are some new titles (just not mine!)

Hopefully the new design will be a roaring success and we'll be back in stores with all new editorial in early 2013.... Fingers crossed.

In other news, I am having an absolute ball working on my first ever continuity with fellow Kiss authors Kimberly Lang, Aimee Carson and Amy Andrews... We were simply given a theme and we've worked something amazing out from there. Last night I had an hour-long Skype chat with Ms Lang in Alabama to sort out the backstory for our respective books (as my delicious Southern hero is her heroine's brother we needed to trash out their family background). Have to admit I was quite wary of getting involved in this project to start with, the thought of writing books with other writers characters in was daunting. But the brainstorming process with a group of such smart and talented women has been an absolute hoot... And now I've discovered Skype I may never talk to anyone without it ever again.


Kimberly Lang said...

I thought our Skype conversation was awesome. But I'd have to wear makeup all the time if I take up Skyping on a regular basis.

Brigitte said...

Yeah, Skype is great, isn't it? Especially when the kids fly the nest.
BTW love the new cover.