Saturday, 1 September 2012

Riva Returns!!

Yippee it's happened, the Riva Relaunch is finally upon us and it's AWESOME.

The sparkling new look is much more in keeping with what the editorial has to offer readers: namely fun, flirty, sexy stories with feisty heroines, hot alpha heroes, glamorous settings and lashings of the sparky, snappy dialogue I love to write (and which I sincerely hope you guys enjoy reading!).

Anyway, I've stuck up the banner header in honour of the new look which lists all the books in the Relaunch. They're available from today on the M&B website and nine of the above (including mine) will be available in book form to buy from WH Smiths as of October 1st.

 If you haven't already read my Riva Relaunch book Cupcakes & Killer Heels you're in for a treat. I loved creating this book and just to get you in the mood, here's an advert I found featuring gorgeous hero inspiration Henry Cavill (currently being hotly tipped to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades movie, no less) which I think gives you a heady taste of what Cupcakes has to offer. Although I'll admit the woman he's dancing with here is a bit too skinny to be my luscious cupcake baker Ruby Delisantro, Mr Cavill definitely does the business as Cameron Westmore, a dark, dashing and dangerous British barrister who's made a career out of his erudite way with words and yet has never been able to talk about his feelings - until our Ruby crashes into his life! And those glamorous London settings are also a feature of the story... Which is set in my home town (and which I am currently feeling mighty proud of thanks to our fabulous Olympic summer!)

Yum, delicious eh... Almost as irresistible as a chocolate cupcake.

We have loads of exciting treats on the blogesphere to enjoy in the next few months including the Love Bites on Youtube for the Riva Relaunch titles provided by the ladies at Romance HQ. And the lovely Natalie Anderson and Ally Blake have some really fun Riva-flavoured His and Hers blogs planned (with giveaways!) which my hero and heroine, Cal and Ruby, shall be taking part in.

And don't forget to Check Out the Riva App on Facebook - there's loads of great info on the books, the authors, a new blog and there's even a chance to win lots of Riva Goodies.


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