Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Zane Montoya... is Too Close for Comfort

Cool, my next book for Harlequin, which will be my first Kiss is going to be called Too Close for Comfort and has a release date of June 2013... Very excited, love that title. This is the last in a five-book series with linked characters and stars dead-sexy Mexican-American Private Eye Zane Montoya and fiesty Scottish wildlife artist Iona MacCabe....

You can read more about this, and the book I'm currently working on (for the Kiss anthology) on my updated Coming Soon page.

Will also be doing a sneak peak of my story from the fabulous Baby It's Cold Outside on my Books pages very soon (honest!).

And One Night So Pregnant is out in the US on Saturday! And riding high in the Harlequin site's bestsellers list today. Yippee.

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