Monday, 15 April 2013

Win a Copy of Too Close for Comfort, my 1st Harlequin KISS novel

The lovely UPS man delivered a big ole box of books today of my first ever Harlequin KISS novel!! So how excited am I??

Too Close for Comfort is due out on May 21st in North America and features drop-dead delicious Mexican-American PI Zane Montoya - who appeared briefly in my last Harlequin Presents Extra One Night So Pregnant  and got everyone hyperventilating - well, me anyway!

So I just had to write Zane's story. But I wanted to find him a heroine who would really challenge him and get behind that sexy, devil may care charm to the tortured and tender soul beneath. Step up Iona MacCabe, a feisty Scottish wildlife artist who's in California to track down the deadbeat who conned her father out of his life savings... Unfortunately said deadbeat is also on Zane's hit-list, and the last thing Zane needs after staking out the guy's motel room in Morro Bay for most of the night is some reckless kid breaking into the room and screwing up a six-month operation...

Uh-oh, I see trouble ahead... And moonlight and dancing and lust and... well you get the picture!

You can read a sneak peek from the first chapter of Too Close on my website here: 

Psst.. This copy of the book also features a seriously smexy free novella by Aimee Carson called The Wedding Dress Diaries: the stunning intro to our wonderful Harlequin KISS continuity The Wedding Season by Aimee C, Amy Andrews, Yours Truly and Kimberly Lang...Which I guarantee you will not want to miss... I'm still fanning myself after reading it a couple of months ago!

So if you'd like to win a free copy of Too Close for Comfort (with Aimee's bonus novella), you can either enter the Goodreads Giveaway listed on the sidebar of this blog (which will be approved shortly and runs until 15th May!).

Or Enter the Rafflecopter below (PS, if you need help with the answer to the question, check out my website page for the book above!).

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Jane Linfoot said...

Fave series of books - I quite like the way you have characters which link from one novel to another Heidi - although they aren't promoted as a series, it's cool to meet familiar friends.

I also enjoyed Kimberly Lang's series which had The Privileged and the Damned, and The Power and the Glory in, and Kelly Hunter's family series are great too.

Not personally so keen on series where different authors write linked stories tho.

Desere said...

I adore the KISS books they are so very addictive! Congrats Heidi I know this one will be another winner! Thanks for the cool contest!

Heidi Rice said...

Jane that's really interesting... I have to admit my books were never originally conceived as a series, that's just how they happened because new characters kept appearing on the sidelines in one book and then I'd think. God I've got to give that person a story.... I had to call a halt though with Zane's story to write the KISS continuity (which has four of us writing linked books) but actually it's a little different than the standard Presents continuities in that we came up with the stories ourselves and wanted to have an overarching theme, also they're quite interlinked with lots of group stuff going on.. TBH I love the books and loved planning them, but that might just be because I enjoyed having an excuse to email stalk Kimberly Lang, Amy Andrews and Aimee Carson!! Will be interesting to see what you think... Next book I'm picking up a character way back from Cupcakes and Killer Heels that a number of peeps have asked me about. Ruby's business partner Ella... But given the timelines of the books after Ruby's Ella's now 34!! So she's gonna be a bit older than your standard KISS heroine.

Heidi Rice said...

Hey Desere, thanks for your comment and your continued support. Much appreciated.

SuganyaSelvam said...

I always love to read the linked series since it gives a peak over my old favourite characters.My fav link series is Brothers & Sisters series and hope Nate & Tess will be in Zane's story.

Heidi Rice said...

Hiya Suganya

Tess is certainly in Zane;s story, unfortunately I wasn't able to put the epilogue I had planned with Nate in because the word count was too long!! But may post that on my website once the book's out if readers ask for it.


Amanda Gardner said...

Too Close to Comfort looks good and I like connected books even if they were not always planned that way.

Amanda Gardner said...

What is your favourite series of linked books and why? Yours, Kelly Hunter's The Bennetts and Abby Green's Sheikhs because I like seeing connected books and seeing what other characters are up to in the next book

Heidi Rice said...

Brilliant choices Amanda... I love Kelly's Bennett series and Abby's Sheikh books too!