Friday, 16 August 2013

Heidi's Blogtastic Friday!

Oh all right, already, that title may be overselling myself a bit... But I'm on two blogs today.

First the lovely Tawny Weber has invited me on to her blog to do her Quick Six questions... And I'm offering a copy of Maid of Dishonor (my Wedding Season book) to one lucky commentator on the blog who answers a very simple question in return (hint, it may have something to do with weddings).

Meanwhile I'm going back in time on The Pink Heart Society to talk about a classic 1980s chick flick (which might involve faking orgasms! hint hint) on my monthly Must Watch Friday slot. So come and join me.

In other news, I'm currently waiting to hear about my Cosmo Red Hot Reads submission (finger nail biting notwithstanding!!) and my Harlequin POP Movie Pleasures book...

To save my nails, I have dived into my next KISS which is set in Bermuda and Camden, London,  and going to feature sweet, kooky and far too soft-hearted cupcake baker Ella Radley and lean, mean and way too sexy dive-shop entrepeneur Cooper Delaney. You can check out my inspiration board on Pinterest. But if you haven't guessed already, Ella is the business partner of my heroine Ruby Delisantro in Cupcakes and Killer Heels and I've been wanting to write her story for awhile... So this is gonna be cool.

Not so cool is the fact that I have to finish this book in a scant six weeks (because of being a bit of a plonker with my deadlines for my last few projects). As I've never managed to complete a book in under four months this is quite a tall order for me (tall, as in Everest-tall). So watch this space. But to help me I'm trying out Scrivener and I have to say, so far, I'm LOVING it. Anyone else using it? Wanna tell me what you think?

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