Monday, 16 September 2013

Heidi and Kim talk Wedding Season Awesomeness!!

So every year around this time the Mills and Boon authors have a swanky lunch in Central London and this year we went the full swanky and had it at The Royal Horseguards Hotel in their Reading and Writing Room - which was very appropriate (not least because of the very romantic murals all round the room).
Note gorgeous nekkid male in mural

As the lovely Kimberly Lang had come all the way over from Alabama for the lunch we decided to put together a little video while we were in those gorgeous surroundings of us talking about why our new mini-series of books The Wedding Season - also featuring stories by the gorgeous Amy Andrews and Aimee Carson - was such a hoot to write.  Here's the video for y'all to enjoy (take note I now know the proper use of that phrase!).

We had almost as much fun doing the video as writing the books - the only thing that would have made it more fun would have been to have the two Amys there too.... Maybe next year, eh ladies??

NB: I should add that the fabulous camerawork was courtesy of Miss Abby Green, who has been harassing me to add a credit. (Sheesh, film peeps, so picky)