Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy V-Day with a Sneaky Sneak Peek of my Truly Madly Deeply story

Happy Valentine's Day everyone...

Hope yours is full of love whether it comes from your other half, your kids, your BFF, your Facebook friends, your Mum and/or Dad, your cat, your dog, your golfish, your favourite chick-flick or your favourite romance novel. Because in the words of a particularly cheesy (but very appropriate for the purposes of this blog) song Love Is All Around so let's think outside the box and celebrate love wherever you find it this V-Day. You don't have to be hooked up to enjoy it, IMHO!!

And in the spirit of spreading the love for a price (because let's face it V-Day is a little bit about commercial exploitation too - hello card companies, thanks for that!) Here's a sneaky sneak peek of my short story in the fabulous Truly Madly Deeply RNA collection just out from M&B...

The Fundamental Things 


Heidi Rice

Elizabeth Ryan and Lorenzo Kelly haven't seen each other for over 20 years, when they get stuck in a lift together for 20 life-changing minutes... 

Unbelievable. Of all the lifts, in all the office blocks, in the whole of London, the biggest mistake of my life has to walk into mine.
Elizabeth Ryan sent up a silent prayer for invisibility as she inched behind two suited executives. Her back bumped against the mirrored wall in the executive elevator at Stokes and Company’s brand new twenty-eighth storey tower in Canary Wharf. Unfortunately, someone up there wasn’t listening, because she failed to disappear.
Lorenzo Kelly.
The name whispered across her consciousness as heat crawled up her neck and flared across her scalp.
Twenty-two years since she’d last seen him and yet recognition had blasted her in the sternum as soon as he’d edged into the crowded lift. Which was surprising, because that fitted steel-grey designer suit was one heck of a departure from the wrecked jeans and third-hand leather jacket he’d lived in at Hillbrook Secondary.
Thank god he was absorbed in the lift monitor and hadn’t looked her way. One glance at those heavy-lidded bedroom eyes a moment ago had been more than enough to make her heart swell up and stop beating for several crucial seconds. Funny how even after two plus decades, and what looked like a major GQ make-over, those slightly slanting emerald green eyes still made him look as if he’d just gotten out of bed — or was about to lure her back into one....

Wanna read some more? Or enjoy 23 other fabulous short stories from the likes of Fiona Harper, India Grey, Adele Parkes and Katie Fforde for the bargain basement price of £7.99? Then pick up a copy online, at Mills and Boon now, or in stores on 21st Feb...

But even if you don't want to buy my book, I hope you have a brilliant day (how generous is that?). Why not tell me what you're doing today in the comments? And remember it doesn't have to be luvey dovey with your honey, just something that spreads the lurve. I'm going to be having coffee shortly with my oldest son and maybe watching a couple of episodes of HBO's Girls! Then tucking in to the rest of my RITA books... How's that for spreading the love?

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