Thursday, 1 May 2014

Happy Launch Day, Brenda Novak & Sekrit Projects!

Beach Bar Baby est Arrivé!

Whoopee! Beach Bar Baby launches today in North America and the UK and Ireland in Harlequin KISS and Mills & Boon Modern Tempted...

In case you don't know what I'm banging on about this is the final installment in my Brothers and Sisters series... With strong links to Cupcakes and Killer Heels (Ruby and Cal from that book have supporting roles in this one). Beach Bar Baby tells the story of cupcake baker Ella Radley who goes to Bermuda on a holiday of a lifetime - which is turning out to be anything but - until she has a wild fling with studly local boat captain Cooper Delaney on her last night on the island...

Here's a little snippet to whet your appetite, which takes place just as Coop and Ella are getting really well acquainted...

He turned up the lamp, giving the modest hut a golden glow.
Walking to the open deck, he closed two large shutters and then slid the screen door across, cocooning them in together against the Caribbean night. Only the sparkle of moonlight and the sound of surf and chirping insects seeped through the slats.
'Don't want to risk getting our butts bitten off my mosquitos,' he said, crossing the short distance back to her.
She laughed, the rough stubble on his jaw ticklish against her neck as he gripped her hips and nuzzled the sensitive skin beneath her ear.
'Especially such a cute butt,' he added, giving the butt in question an appreciative squeeze.
She wrapped her arms around his lean waist and slipped her fingers beneath the waistband of his jeans, to caress the tight muscles of the backside she had admired that morning in wet denim. ‘I can totally get behind that sentiment.’
He chuckled, warm, callused palms sneaking under her camisole to glide up to her ribcage and send a series of tremors through her body.
‘Flattery will get you everywhere,’ he said. Before placing his mouth on hers at last.
Releasing his bum, she lifted arms lethargic with lust and draped them over his broad shoulders, driving her fingers into the soft curls at his nape, she let him devour her. He angled his hips and the thick ridge in his pants rubbed against her belly.
Oh yes, I want this so much.
To be taken, to take. She wanted to let her body do the asking and have his answer, in the primordial mating ritual of two animals in need of an endorphin fix. The fact that she liked him, that he seemed a genuinely nice guy, didn’t hurt. But right here, right now, as the building firestorm made the pulsing ache in her sex unbearable, and her nipples tighten into hard, swollen nubs, all she really cared about was satisfying the driving hunger.

If you want more details on where to buy it check out the book's page on my website. Also watch this space as I will be giving away some copies on various blogs in the next few weeks. Then again....

Beach Bar Baby on the Block 

at Brenda Novak Online Auction

If you want to buy a copy and do something amazing for Diabetes Research... I've also got some signed Larger Print copies of BBB up for grabs at Brenda Novak's Online Auction. So get your bids on NOW! Here and Here. OR if you want Beach Bar Baby in a 2-in-1 with Charlotte Phillips fabulous The Plus-One Agreement you can bid Here or Here.

Cosmo #2 Hits Ed's Desk & New Projects!

In other news my 2nd Cosmo (working title: 10 Rules to Sex-Up a Blind Date) a tale of sex, lies and Twitter etiquette has winged its way to my editor... So I'm getting cracking on a super sekrit project which I hope will be quite a surprise for readers when I can announce it!

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