Thursday, 6 November 2014

Spice up your life Heidi-style for 59p... Or less!

Yup, you read that right... Five of my books are currently available on Kindle on Amazon UK for a ridiculous 59p and rocking the Romance Bestseller list... (Which I'm sure has nothing whatsoever to do with that preposterous price!).

Anyway, if you fancy grabbing an ebook to spice up your life (and FYI, I have no idea how long they'll be this cheap so you might want to get a move on) here they are:

Ebooks for 59p

Bedded by a Bad Boy

My first ever published book, this is the story of motorcycle-riding bad boy Monroe Latimer, and fiesty English rose Jessie Connor. She's looking for love, family and happy ever after, he'd happily run a mile from all three... But one skinny-dip in the pool of his long-lost brother's Long Island estate and Monroe's life is set to get a whole lot more complicated...

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On the First Night of Christmas

All Cassidy Fitzgerald wants for Christmas is a candy man extraordinaire to perk up her sadly neglected libido. Completely by chance she jumps into the car of her former school crush Jace Ryan on Oxford Street. He's all grown up now, even more gorgeous and has the sort of superior skills Cassidy is looking for... Maybe the Christmas fairies have finally given Cassidy a break? Only problem is, as Jace and Cassie share the festive season in a luxury London hotel, it turns out it's not just Cassidy's libido that's in danger of  getting hooked on Jace.

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The Good, the Bad and the Wild

Eva Redmond is a risk-averse and super studious London genealogical researcher with a wardrobe full of beige who is on a comission to track down the illegitimate grandson of an Italian dukedom... She travels to San Francisco to locate Nick Delisantro - former London runaway turned Hollywood scriptwriter - convinced he's the man she's seeking. But one hot motorbike ride through nighttime San Francisco leads to an even hotter ride in Nick's Haight Ashbury apartment and suddenly it's not just Eva's commission (and her wardrobe full of beige) that's in danger of going down for the count.

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One Night, So Pregnant!

What do you do when you discover you're pregnant by a man you barely know (except in the Biblical sense, obviously). That's for ex-at SF party planner Tess Tremaine to know and buff billionaire businessman Nate Graystone to find out after one hot clinch in a janitor's closet leads to a life-changing experience for both of them. The clue's in the title for this one... Which is a linked book to The Good, the Bad and the Wild.

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Too Close for Comfort

Another linked book, this one follows on from One Night So Pregnant and tells the story of Nate Graystone's drop-dead delicious Mexican-American half-brother Zane Montoya. A Californian private eye who picks up Scottish wildlife artist Iona MacCabe as she's trying to break into her ex-lover's motel room... He ends up having to 'keep her contained' in his beach house on Seven Mile Drive and well, one thing leads to another and... You get the picture. Or at least you will if you pick up the book.

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Or Less!

Goodreads Giveaways Galore!

And if 59p is too steep for you (you cheapskate!), why not enter the NINE.... Yes you read that right... NINE Goodreads Giveaways I have running at the moment in the sidebar on the right. And you could win a book for free. Whether you read in Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese... Or just plain old English, I've got you covered.

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