Thursday, 25 February 2016

So Now You're Back Release Day!!!

I'm so excited I'm Snoopy Dancing all over the house - my first women's fiction book So Now You're Back is out today! At last! I finished the book almost a year ago, so it's absolutely AMAZING to finally see it come out...

Anyway, I've been pimping it so much lately I won't go on about it TOO much today.

The precious...

But FYI: it's the story of London celebrity baker Halle Best, her sexy ex - globe-trotting journalist Luke Best - and their enforced trip to an Xtreme couples retreat in The Great Smokey Mountains. ie: it's Sweet Home Alabama meets The Great British Bake-Off with added cupcakes... And white-water rafting!

Right back to my Snoopy Dancing... And maybe some Prosecco!!

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