Sunday, 13 November 2016

NaNo-What Now?? And Book Giveaway News

Box o' Presents!
Writing is always super hard for me... That was until this month. After finishing my second longer book and sending it off to my editor I had only a month to write my next Presents. I had already done six chapters of this book... So I wasn't too panicky.. Yet.  I signed up for NaNoWriMo to help get me motivated. Only thing was, the day before it was due to start I read those first six chapters... And realised I had a problem, the external plot was way too complicated, my hero was a jerk and my heroine was a psychopath!!

I had two choices:

1) Try moulding that lump of crap into something more appealing.

2) Start from scratch.

But I only had a month. And it usually takes me three months to write a book anyway. But then a strange and wonderful thing happened. On the first of November, I just opened a new document and started again. Because I suddenly had a whole new vision for this book. The basics of the external plot were similar, but my heroine was a totally different person. And I soon realised so was my hero, not as ruthless, but just as alpha. And suddenly the words started to flow... And flow... And flow.

And now it's Day 13 of NaNoWriMo and I've written 36k words... And I'm still going folks. And I am LOVING this book. Which means either I'm completely delusional. Or it's actually as good as I think it is.

Here's a sneak peek of my Pinterest board to give you an idea of what it's about.

So now I know. Writing is always hard for me, except on the very rare occasions when it's not – and I turn into Joan Wilder at the beginning of Romancing the Stone. And seriously there is nothing more uplifting. This is good news for me, because I needed something to lift me up right now. And locking myself in my study and ignoring the news and just writing about love and romance and two people who desperately need each other but haven't figured it out yet – and then throwing in a marriage of convenience and a touch of pregnesia to spice things up a bit – is TOTALLY the answer.

In other news, my box of books arrived from Harlequin for my first Classic Presents: Vows They Can't Escape which is out in Jan 2017 in the US and Feb 2017 in the UK... I'm doing a Goodreads giveaway, but will also be doing a couple of giveaways to people signed up to my newsletter list. I'll be arranging that as soon as I finish this book... So if you're not signed up already and you want a chance to win, you can find the sign up form on my Facebook Author Page or my website or from the form on the sidebar.

Here's the giveaway which should be live soon... ish!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Vows They Can't Escape by Heidi Rice

Vows They Can't Escape

by Heidi Rice

Giveaway ends November 30, 2016.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Amy Andrews said...

I am finding NaNo totally thrilling too Heidi! So how I'm writing from now on - pacing myself at 2k a day which means I have time in my day to feel like I' doing other things other than writing and not chained to my keyboard!
Am loving it!
Can't wait for your Presents to hit the shelves here in Oz!