Thursday, 6 July 2017

HarperCollins Summer Party and 99p Pre-Order Joy!

So I'm popping in to this blog after a long absence during which I have been doing lots and lots and lots of writing (honestly!)  to boast about the fabulous HarperCollins party I attended last night.

Prosecco prinks
The prosecco was free-flowing, canap├ęs a dream (a bit too much of a dream, as I think I had about 300 of them!)  and the setting sublime in the main courtyard at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The weather also cooperated as if the sun couldn't help but shine on all that talent and industry (Okay got a little bit too poetic there, sorry!)

I had an absolute ball hanging out with wonderful M&B authors Michelle Smart and Maya Blake and my fellow HQ author Fiona Harper. We managed to waylay a few unlucky slebs who were all very gracious and selfie proficient. Here's a few snaps from the evening, am even keener to write another book now for HQ stories just to get an invite to this party next year?!

Duncan from Blue!!

Balloon ahoy!

Early days.

Posh nosh

Mojito Mojo

The art of the canape

Three degrees of mojito

Ferne Britten being fabulous

Night falls...

In proper book news, my next longer  women's fiction book, Summer at Willow Tree Farm, is out digitally on 20th July and is available at the ludicrous pre-order price of 99p! For those wedded to print, it will be out in paperback next April.

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