Friday, 7 September 2007

The Lady from M&B She Say Yes

Just heard back from my editor at M&B about my new chapter outline for my revision-hit book three and she liked it. Doing a happy dance here. Now all I've got to do is write the sucker. I promised her a game of strip poker (well, my hero is an ex-gambler, it's a no-brainer right?) which I'm already panicking about trying to write.

Now to my most important duty for this weekend. I'm posting the next item on the Pink Heart Society Treasure Hunt. As I'm a huge movie buff and sometime film reviewer I've decided to stick up the yummy Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's (beautifully packaged in Pink and in an Anniversary Edition just for the PHS blogspot, of course).

IMHO, if you haven't seen this movie, you can't call yourself a true romance junkie, so go rent it now! And just to make us all feel like crap, apparently Audrey had given birth to her son Sean just three months before filming began. But flat belly envy aside, it's an ultra-chic Hollywood classic made when men were men and women were all dressed by Givenchy.


Trish said...


The lil guy is TERRIBLY EXCITED about all these lovely presents you know... and I'm getting more jealous by the day...

Natalie Anderson said...

OMG - i am having trouble thinking what to get him - how can i compete with all these fab gifts??!! ;)
Yay on the nod for the revised outline. Yippee. I am about to launch in on mine - what is it with MX revs at the moment?

Fiona Harper said...

Hi Heidi! great to see you've got a blog now! I'm completely intrigued by the strip-poker scene! Couldn't get away with it in one of my books.