Thursday, 4 October 2007

The Manuscript Has Left the Building... Yeehaw!

Sorry for the complete dreath of blogs recently. Unlike everyone else who writes for Mills and Boon and seems to be able to juggle Blog, Website, Writing, Home and Kids commitments with ease, I'm a useless multi-tasker.

However, I have finally finished the revisions on Book Three (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) and sent them back to my editor at Modern Heat. Fingers crossed she likes the new, much improved version. Lots and lots of sexual tension now, a very saucy game of strip poker - and absolutely no Elvis impersonators whatsoever. I promise.

To take my mind off the wait for feedback on it I've been doing my profile stuff for the all-new blog we Mod Heat/Sexy Sensations/Promo Presents authors are setting up. Can't reveal the url yet because the big launch is scheduled for next week (I think!). But I had a lot of fun answering the question 'Which real life guys inspire your heroes'.


Kate Hardy said...

Glad you've finished the revisions, Heidi.

Love the idea of a strip poker game. I've done strip Scrabble in a book before now *g* - great fun.

Heidi said...

Strip scrabble! The mind boggles. I have to say I found it quite hard to figure out what to do once my two were down to their civvies and they were still playing poker! Luckily, they sorted it out themselves.