Thursday, 11 October 2007

Lunch with my Editor.... Cool

So, I've been letting my blog responsibilities lapse again. But I had lunch with my editor Bryony at Richmond yesterday so I've actually got something to say now. Sorry, can I just say that again. I had lunch with my editor. I dreamt about being able to say that, back in the day when I was beavering in my garret and dreaming about being published. Okay, I've got a grip now.

So, what was I talking about. Oh yes, Bryony was full of interesting stuff about the future of Modern Extra, soon to be called Modern Heat, which is going to be going large in the US next year under the Presents banner. All very exciting. The news that they'll be commissioning artwork for the individual titles soon instead of using stock photos is also good news. That said, I did take a bit of a shine to the honey they had on my first cover for Bedded by a Bad Boy (posted here). Even though he was supposed to have long hair and be blond he was so delicious I really didn't care. Knowing that the guy actually existed lifted my day I must say. Now, you see, you don't get that with artwork.

I'm off to America for a two week road trip with my best friend Catri (hubby and kids left behind to fend for themselves and appreciate us much more when we get back). We do our Thelma and Louise thing every couple of years (without the driving off a cliff bit or blowing up truckers bit, mind you) and it keeps us young. I'm also hoping it'll inspire me for my next ms which is going to be about the illegitimate son of an English Lord and a Vegas showgirl called Luke Devereaux, a fiesty British features writer called Louisa DiMarco and an every so slightly unplanned pregnancy. Working title is The Black Sheep Billionaire's Kidnapped Bride (but that's just me getting carried away with the whole Presenty thing!).

No posts then for two weeks. Will see you then and tell you how the trip went.

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