Tuesday, 6 November 2007

All's Well in Heidi Land...

I returned from a fabulous two-week trip to California with my best mate Catri (piccies below, for all other America junkies, travel lovers and fit surfer afficionados) at the end of October to discover that The Mile High Club, my second Mod Ex, has hit the shelves in the UK.

I still get such a huge buzz from seeing my book in the local Borders and I don't guess that will ever change. What a thrill. Almost as much of a thrill in fact as spotting a bear in Yosemite National Park (from the comfort of our Chrysler Cruiser I'm glad to add).

The trip to California was such a success in fact, that I didn't even mind having second revisions on my nightmare Book Three (working title: The Thrill of the Chase) waiting for me. In fact, I was so enthused I even managed to polish them off in a week, and have now emailed what I sincerely hope is the very final, final version of the story to my ed at Mills and Boon. I can now admit that all the pain was worth it because I'm really proud of this book now, think it might even be my best so far. Will keep you posted on whether my ed agrees with me. Fingers crossed the book's a goer and I can finally get stuck into Book Four (current working title: The Black Sheep Billionaire's Baby) which I had a lot of time to dream up scenes for while swaning round Death Valley, Big Sur, Yosemite, etc.

I do love America, and Americana! Now all I have to do is keep writing and selling so I can persuade hubby and kids to let me swan off again in two years time. A little plan me and Catri hatched on the plane home which I haven't quite got round to mentioning to my guys just yet.

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