Friday, 16 November 2007

The Waiting Game... Argggh

So, I'm still waiting for word from my editor on the progress of Book Three... It's been two weeks now and not a sausage.... I've done my tax accounts, started Book Four, filed all my film reviews, cleaned out the hamsters, sorted out the boys birthday parties for December (they have their b'days on consecutive days, so we have Groundhog Day Birthday Hell every year!)... and I can't think of anything else to do to keep me occupied and not fraught with worry.

What if she hates the second revisions? What if she's read it already and can't bring herself to call me and tell me they're rejecting it? What if....? This bit never gets any easier, like I've discovered with all the rest of it. Writing the rough draft, getting the okay on the proposal, revising, revisions, the long wait till you get an answer. It's all hell...

So why the hell am I doing it?

Oh, yeah, I love romance and romances, and dreaming up hunky guys and spunky heroines and putting them together and watching them go from spark to slow burn to combustible!

On that note, I'm blogging on The Pink Heart Society today about a wonderful little movie called Dear Frankie starring the hunky Gerard Butler and the spunky Emily Mortimer (piccie here). Check it out here, and if you've got any sense, go rent the movie. I'm going to watch it again tonight to stop me from biting my nails anymore.

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