Monday, 25 February 2008

Some Valentine Treasures to be won...

Okay folks, the great big Modern Heat Valentine's Treasure Hunt is drawing to a close and you have only three days to get your emails to Ally at by 28th February. The winner of the whole kit and caboodle of delicious (and very hot) Modern Heat books will be announced on 29th on the blog.

If you haven't already collected the answers to the different clues check out the Modern Heat blog on and get cracking. Here's a taster of some of the treasures on offer — to help you hone your hunting instincts. (My clue is just below this post so scroll down for it if you need it).

Julie Cohen's Being a Bad Girl, with gorgeous bad boy Oz Strummer (actually he's a sweetheart in wolf's clothing — and all the more delicious for it).

Ally Blake's Steamy Surrender, with hot and hunky cappucino bar owner Saxon Ciantar (my cup of coffee any day).

Nicola Marsh's Purchased for Pleasure, with her sexy Navy SEAL Tyler James (for all those with a thang for a man in uniform).

Kate Hardy's Sold to the Highest Bidder, in which wickedly sexy property developer Jack Goddard stakes his claim (so to speak!).

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