Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Confessions of a Conference Virgin

Part One: How to make Friends under the Influence of Jet Lag...

So it's the first day of the Conference, proper, after an 11 hour flight yesterday and I'm already getting into the swing of things - and I have conclusive proof. Here's me sitting next to Kate Walker and Susan Stephens after I muscled in on their little group at Starbucks and insisted on having my photo taken with them. They were kind enough not to say 'go away you mad woman' and posed accordingly. Have had some top tips from Trish Wylie on how to schmooze - and she is the queen of schmoozing so I feel like I'm learning from a pro. 

The Literacy Autographing starts in an hour and it will be my first ever book signing (I've already checked out the venue and it is, rather dauntingly, in a room the size of a football field!). My box of books looked awfully large, but I'll be waving my RITA flag like a pro (and poking a few eyes out with it if need be) to flog as many as I can. Right, now I'm off to try and decide what to wear. According to Kate it's supposed to be 'smart, professional attire' which I'm thinking means no Converse or jeans. Bummer.

AFter that I'm off to the Newcomer's Orientation and then the RWA online party where I won't know a soul by sight. But no need to panic, everyone here has their name, psuedonym and publishing history emblazoned across their chest and colour-coded. Useful, for a woman who's still tripping on jet lag and can never remember anyone's name. 

Right, time to go raid my wardrobe.

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Nicola Marsh said...

Have a ball, Heidi!

Looking forward to updates :)