Friday, 25 July 2008

PS: Pop Over to the Pink Heart Society....

Just a quick word to say I'm blogging on the Pink Heart Society today about the wonderful chick-flick PS, I Love You. Which, frankly is all the excuse I need to post a piccie of Gerard Butler in all his glory. Okay he's a corpse through most of the movie, but do I let that stop me... No way. After all, nothing like a good flashback.

Can you tell I've had a great few days on my latest ms. The words are just flying off my keyboard. Wrote a whole chapter yesterday, where my hero blackmails my heroine into spending two weeks on a luxury trip to New York posing as his fiancĂ©e. Now as he's a wild, uber-sexy Irish hunk, I'm thinking she's going to get over her shock and indignation fairly fast. What d'you think? 

PS: Only four more days to go till I hit Frisco, and my Wonderbras arrived today from (thanks for that tip Trish). So now I'm all set. Plane ticket? check. Hotel booked? check. Posh Frock packed? check. And cleavage sorted? check.

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