Monday, 8 September 2008

Blog Crazy....

Well, turns out that September is the month of the blog for me. So I thought I ought to try and update my own sadly neglected blog with info on some of the other places I'm blogging this month. 

First off, I did an extremely informative and well modulated piece about my writing process (and how it frequently drives me right up the wall) for Writing Playground on September 3rd. Then I'm scooting on over to I Heart Presents later in the month to add my two cents to the Feel the Heat contest with a blog on my wonderful year so far (which is of course just an excuse to mention my RITA nom and my posh frock ad infinitum - you have been warned). Got a very interesting email from Kate Walker about the Presents Blogathon being hosted by WeWriteRomance in October so I've thrown my hat in the ring to blog there too. Let's hope they want me...

Can you tell I am waiting not so patiently for a call from my ed about my latest WIP. Poor woman's only had it a week, but I'm still panicking. Ahh, the writer's life, why didn't anyone tell me what a flipping hard slog it was before I got into this malarkey in the first place? 


Aideen said...

Seeing as dead line is the 15th, please tell me you'll be dropping into Ihearts before then???

Love to hear your take before finally hitting the 'send' button.


Heidi said...


I have done a blog for the I Heart Presents site, but it's really just a puff piece about the wonderfully glamorous lifestyle you can look forward to if you win the comp (yeah right!).

Why not email me on the contact form on my website if there's anything specific you'd like to ask and I'd be happy to give you the benefit of my huge experience (ie: so you can avoid some of the many mistakes I've made along the way!).

Cheers Heidi

Kimberly Lang said...

And what a fabulous job you did on our blog :-) Please come back any time.

As for book/week/impatient/malarkey... Amen, Sister, Amen.

Biddy said...

You mean it isn't glamorous?? Then why am I slogging over these damn revisions??
Currently rewriting the whole second half and tearing my hair out.

Heather R. said...


You are always welcome on the Blog!

I have you down in October on the 21st. =)

Heather R.