Thursday, 8 January 2009

Get Ye to the Pink Heart Society...Or Movietalk

Just another quickie to say get thee to the Pink Heart Society on Friday or What's on TV's Movietalk blog where I will be waxing lyrical about the new Hugh Jackman/Nicole Kidman romantic epic Australia.

Is it the ultimate guilty pleasure movie? Quite possibly.

Also had some fab news from fellow Mod Hotter Kate Hardy to say she's up for the RNA Romance Prize again this year. Now, as she won it last year with Breakfast at Giovanni's I'm thinking Wow!! And my Modern mate India Grey is also up for the award, so hopefully they'll be lots of reasons to celebrate come February 10th when they announce the winner at the RNA luncheon. That's certainly shaping up to be a shindig and a half.

Am still plugging away at the current ms, which has turned into the stream-of-consciousness romance novel from Hell. Still sticking to my motto though, through gritted teeth: Write, write, write, edit crap at later date. 

I'm starting to think though that slash and burn might be the best technique for the editing stage... 

Oh and don't forget to vote for eharlequin as the best blog in the history of the known universe (or something like that) at the webblog awards. 

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Avi J said...

Oh yea, now that was a movie.