Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year from London Town

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a fabulous 2009.

Popped into the West End last night to celebrate New Year's Eve. So we went for a Chinese in Chinatown, a quick visit to the funfair on Leicester Square and a movie with Jim Carrey called Yes Man (not fantastic, but did have a few laugh-out-loud moments, one of which I'm still chuckling about now!!). We had toyed with the idea of seeing the fireworks, but my God, it was absolutely freezing, so we totally chickened out and got a bus home to watch them in the comfort of our living room with a lovely fire in the hearth. I know, utterly unadventurous, but at least I still have all my fingers and toes this morning. 

And my Christmas pressie to myself this year was a trip to the cinema on Boxing Day to see the eagerly awaited (by me anyway) Australia with Hugh Jackman. 

Now, I have to be totally honest here and say this is not Baz Lurhmann's best movie (and I really thought it would be, plus that guy can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes) but did it deserve the absolutely atrocious reviews it has been given?? No sirree. I mean just for the scene in which the gorgeous Hugh is stripped to the waist soaping himself by an Outback campfire I'd give it a glowing review. Not that I'm bias or menopausal or anything! And quite apart from Hugh and his magnificent abs there were some other really moving moments, glowing cinematography, drama, excitement, romance - and an amazing performance from an unknown (and beautiful) Aboriginal boy who plays the narrator.

Still I'll be giving you'all the full low-down on the PHS on January 9th for their Must See Friday. And pointing out all those must-see moments involving Hugh - and Nicole Kidman, of course, who I think might also have been in it. I'm sure I spotted her there somewhere....

And as for my current ms? Going great guns... Not always in the right direction mind you ( I wrote a whole bloody chapter set in the Eurotunnel Terminal - hmmm, really glamourous and aspirational that!). But I'm sticking to my current motto, which is: 'Write Every Day And Remember: As Long As You Know It's Crap You Can Correct It Later.'


Kimberly Lang said...

Happy New Year, Heidi.

We went to a friend's house for dinner and poker and were still home early enough to be in bed in jammies when the ball fell in Times Square. I watched that, then promptly rolled over and went to sleep.

That's kinda pitiful, isn't it?

Heidi said...

Uh-huh, utterly pitiful actually Kim. I'd like to just point out here that I lasted till at least ten past midnight before I sloped of to bed!

Biddy said...

Happy new year!! I decided against the fireworks too, and I only live 5 minutes from the river. Instead I went to a friend's in Clapham, made spag bol and watch 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight'. We drank too much wine and tottered off to bed at 2am. Fab night!

Avi J said...

Happy new year Heidi.
I spent it in going to Church then after watching Enchanted.

Heidi said...

Happy New Year Biddy and Avi.

Like the sound of Spag Bog in Clapham and a double helping of Batman - and too much wine!

Watching Enchanted also sounds fab. A good movie never goes amiss on any occasion I always say.

Heidi x

Kimberly Lang said...

You've inspired me, Heidi.

Next year I will follow your good example and strive for that extra nine minutes...