Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

Wishing you a happy St Patrick's Day with this comely picture of my man Pierce Brosnan (apparently celebrating St Pat's Day in 2003).

I would have stuck up a photo of Colin Farrell too but I'm not talking to him at the moment because of the complete dog's breakfast he's made of my current ms. Yeah, you hear that Col, call yourself a muse? Ha, I've seen better muses in Chelsea pal!

I'm switching back to Pierce next time I need hero inspiration I'm telling you, no more bad boys for me, just smooth charmers. They're so much more predictable.

Although I have to say I saw In Bruges at the weekend and as long as you're not a person of restricted growth, a resident of Bruges (which is in Belgium apparently) or someone who gets squeamish when there's too much blood splatter or swearing on screen, then you'll love it. I certainly did.

Right, back into the cave that Colin's helped dig for me.

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