Friday, 13 March 2009

Nights in Rodanthe

Hey all,

Just thought I'd pop my head out of the writing cave and point over to the PHS where I will be pontificating today on the Must-Watch-ish experience that is the romantic weepie Nights in 

Also had to show you the extremely hot cover for my first ever Italian book (a translation of The Tycoon's Very Personal Assistant, I think). Notice, my heroine seems to have turned into a Spanish Flamenco dancer and my hero has become a Brazilian footballer. Cool. 

Or those could be Trish Wylie's characters (but I thought they were Irish??)

Oh, and doing another little happy dance here, cos Pleasure, Pregnancy and a Proposition has just hit the top spot on Waldies for a second week running... And it got a great review from Marilyn Shoemaker at Marilyn's Romance Reviews (cheers Marilyn, the chocolate's in the post!)

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Kimberly Lang said...

I like that cover...