Friday, 16 July 2010

PHS... It's Complicated

I'm over on The Pink Heart Society today continuing my Meryl Is Magnificent campaign with my take on It's Complicated for their Must Watch Friday slot..

The movie features Meryl Streep as a fiftysomething divorcee who has a wild fling with her cheating love rat ex-husband Alec Baldwin. Written and directed by Nancy Meyers who's become a bit of a specialist in romantic comedies for and about 'women of a certain age' it's not just complicated, it's also irresistible.

Check it out here.


Sally Clements said...

Heidi, I love Meryl, but have to admit AB turns me right off this movie.. However, I haven't seen it, so will be brave and go read the review!

Lacey Devlin said...

I'm with Sally. Love Meryl, not so sure about Baldwin, so I've been waiting for the DVD. Will have to get it out soon.

Heidi said...

Sally and Lacey, got to agree with you that Alec hasn't always covered himself in glory (particularly in his private life!) but I have to say I really enjoyed his performance in this film.... It had the ring of truth about it, and while he's funny he doesn't just play the part for comic effect, plus you've gotta love an actor who seems to have a startling lack of vanity. Once you've seen the movie (and those prodigious love handles!) you'll know what I mean.