Sunday, 18 July 2010

Thank You Roanne and the other M&B reviewers!

With the fun and inspirational good times of the RNA conference in Greenwich passing into memory, I was sitting at my desk yesterday staring at my current WIP for the first time in over a week and feeling a little despondent about it... As is often the case when I catch up with my characters again after an enforced absense, I discovered that much of what I've written so far (all 30K words of it!!) is good but not nearly good enough. The story is at a crucial crossroads and I know I need to push on with it, forget about the bumps that I've left behind and get to the end before I go back to smooth the path... Or I'll end up going over the same ground forever and Ruby and Cal will be mighty peeved with me because it'll take them forever to get to their happy ever after... But the temptation to stop and fiddle was overwhelming, so to distract me from it and give myself a little incentive for continuing on I decided on a short jolt of internet surfing.

Now, this is of course an excellent time suck, so - taking a leaf out of Kate Hardy's Planner's Guide to Creativity, I decided to time myself. I had exactly ten minutes to browse while I took a coffee break and, after doing a quick round of my favourite blogs, ended up on the M&B site where to my great joy I discovered some very nice reviews of my books! What a pleasant surprise, and what a nice treat... But then on closer inspection I discovered that one particular reviewer has done some really sterling work - posting up a host of wonderfully expressive reviews of my books which not only lifted my spirits considerably and gave me the incentive I was looking for but, completely by chance, brought a really big smile to my face.

So first off I just wanted to say a great big thank you to Roanne Gomez - and all the other reviewers who have taken the time to post such lovely reviews of my books... I'm really chuffed that you enjoyed them and that I've now got a guaranteed pick me up the next time I get a bad review.

 But also a special thanks to Roanne for this particular review of Hot-Shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal:

"I have just finished reading this piece of romance engineering, because that indeed is what it is. It was sensual, seductive and wow. Rice really knows how to make a romance novel realistic and without cliche. I did not want this book to end. Definitely a must read."

Unbeknownst to Roanne, the term 'romance engineering' struck a particularly lovely chord with me because my dad just happened to be a world renowned structural engineer - engineering such buildings as Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Sydney Opera House and the Lloyds Building in London. A softly spoken Irish man with a huge love of literature and the arts, sadly he died in the prime of his life over 17 years ago and I and the rest of my family still miss him. But I know he would have been tickled to bits by that reference too - and the fact that I have become a romantic novelist.

So thanks Roanne, for helping to kick-start my creativity and for really making my day! I'd love to send you an advance copy of my next book which I should get copies of in October or thereabouts, so feel free to email me your contact details on


Rachael Johns said...

Ooh I love the term 'romance engineer'!! Reckon your dad would have been mighty proud! Now hurry up and write that book - I wanna READ it! :)

Jackie Ashenden said...

I agree with Rach, that IS a fab term. And what a lovely bit about your Dad.
Good luck with the wip. I'm the same when it comes to writing that first draft. I want to keep going back and changing stuff but I know if I do that, I'll never finish it. Press on! We're all desperate for another Heidi Rice hit! :-)

Leah said...

What a great review, congratulations!

As I used to work in Sydney - and had more than the occasional drink in the Opera Bar beneath the Opera House - I googled your Dad to find out more.

What an impressive man he was! And how apt a title "romance engineer" is for you.

Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats on the great review Heidi! I love the term 'romance engineer' and we're all pretty darn attached to our Sydney Opera House, he left the world a fabulous legacy.

Heidi said...

Cheers guys, you always give me a great pick me up too!

And yeah, my dad was a pretty darn impressive engineer... Nice to know I've continued his legacy in my own little way. Engineering my characters into impossible situations and then building their love story out of it is about as close as I want to get to it though!

Joanne Coles said...

Yay on fab reviews and I'm with the other ladies, get writing your next one ... it's been too long since the last!

Your dad sounds an amazing man, what a great legacy he's left for the world and yay to you for carrying on the engineering gene ;-)